Hey there, mama!

Routines and babies and responsibilities and all the responsibilities.  Becoming a mom for me was like the crash course on how do LIFE as an adult.  I went from working for myself, waking up whenever I wanted to, traveling all the time, setting my own work hours, going to the gym 5 times a week, leaving the house alone with no one dragging behind me holding onto the back of my shirt while I choke on my coffee and try not to slam any fingers in the car doors, you know all the responsibility free lifestyle situations...to the opposite of all of those things.  


Becoming a mom opened up a lot of things that I had never dealt with in my life. On the surface what it ended up looking like was just a lot of anxiety.  I knew that at the core were a lot of roots that were attached to many things.  I worried about Hudson’s health, was he okay? Is he growing fast enough? Is he developmentally where he needs to be?  I worried about his safety.  Are these foods going to make him sick? Is he buckled up tight enough? Is he buckled up too tight? Is swaddling safe? Is he still breathing?  Can I breathe for him?  I worried about if I knew what I was doing.  Do I put him to sleep now or later?  Will I remember to feed him?  Did I bring the diapers?  Will someone tell me how to do this, please?!?!?! Yall! I’m KNOW that so many of you relate to this.  The tasks associated with the call to motherhood are a lot.  I can tell you that.  Of course it’s rewarding, yes.  But it’s a constant process of dying to selfishness and serving someone unconditionally.  Serving them because you love them, that’s all.  Whew! That was a heart lesson for me.  I have never understood unconditional love until this season.  I could talk for hours on what surfaced in my heart in the last 4 years.  And I have no idea what will continue to be ripped out and cleared out so that new, fresh life can grow.    


I have learned to not listen to the lies of worry.  Worry leads to NOTHING good.  I’ve worked to evaluate if that thought is a caution that I should listen to or if it’s a fear that is irrational.  If it’s a caution to pay attention to then I work to find a solution and strategy to protect Hudson and Ford against whatever it is that could be bad for them.  I feel that caution a lot when it comes to their health.  There are so many unknowns when it comes to the decisions we have to make for our babies for their health.  So my husband and I have committed to adding things into their lives to be PROACTIVE instead of reactive.  And BENEFICIAL instead of potentially detrimental.  


A big contributor to the proactive side of their health is adding in oils.  Nearly every day I say to my husband or my friends that I don’t know what I would do if we weren’t able to grab some of these oils to help our babies.  In this season of life if there is something that will make our lives more convenient and safe then I go for it.  I’ve learned that it isn’t the season for me to take on a lot more that I can handle and it IS the season to invest in things that I trust whether that’s with money or time.  


I have seen countless testimonies from mamas pour in on how they have helped those little bodies.  So I want to share with you some of the most common go-tos I have seen from these sweet mamas.


Here are two and more will come!  


+Immunity + Sleep

Everyone wants to keep babes healthy.  And everyone wants to get those toddler to bed quick.  Remember to always check the dilution ratios for your babes before applying.  You can find that on Young Living’s blog here.



+5 Drops Thieves +5 Drops Lemon +Two pumps of Liquid Coconut oil or V6 Carrier

We apply this to Hudson’s feet daily in the mornings and especially before he goes to his school.


+Kidscents Sleepyzie applied to feet


+5 Drops Lavender +5 Drops Orange +3 Drops Cedarwood + Two pumps of Liquid Coconut oil


+5 Drops Lavender +3 Drops Trauma Life +3 Drops Dream Catcher + Two pumps of Liquid Coconut oil

We apply the sleep blend to Hudson’s feet, chest and back of neck before doing our bedtime routine.

Spring Clean

Okay let’s be honest.  DIYs sometimes feel like a big dark black hole of unknown for me.  When I read ingredient lists whether it’s from a recipe for banana bread or homemade bar soap it literally looks like a foreign language.  What exactly is vegetable glycerin anyways!?!?!!? (Insert minor panic attack here).  




The DIYs that I have come to love are #1 easy and #2 totally worth the time.


I love things that are pure and clean and you don’t have to worry about what all of those weird ingredients are.  So to be able to make a lot of things really quickly and easily makes this mama super super happy.  I literally just whipped up a body spray right before I walked out the door.  Oils + water + spray bottle = done.  (I’ll share that recipe later).


In lieu of Spring, here are a couple of my favorite DIYs for cleaning that sweet little nest of yours.  It’s Spring Break yall!  I see you in the trenches of those toddler’s closets, knee deep in paw patrol jammies and lost diapers.  


So check it out……

Tell me more, beauty!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 1.36.28 PM.png

Somewhere I read that if you don’t wash your makeup off at night it adds something like 7 years to your skin! It’s totally not true, right? Someone tell me this isn’t true!!!! Because if it is then I’m like 1,095 years old. But I’m definitely making up for lost time from my twenties.

I’ve never been the type of gal to really want to invest a lot of time and money into pampering myself. For some reason it’s always made me feel like a diva. But you guys I’ve CHANGED my ways. I’m now addicted. Facials, getting your hair done, waxing, all the girly things are 1000% worth it. And honestly even using oils on the daily for my skin to not get all the wrinkles and aging has become super rewarding for me. Mainly because I get to see the payoff really quick.

Whether or not you’re using oils straight out of the bottle, you’re most likely using them on your skin already because EOs are in everrrryyyyythinggg.  So, for me, it’s probably been the easiest things to add into my day.

I’m sort of a purist.  I went to college and studied fine art.  So I like things that are handmade and natural and real.  To me, these little bottles are like finely crafted art.

So here we go...Here are some things that I’ve been using on the daily that have made me feel all dewy and glowy…..

+Two drops of Lavender all over my face after I use moisturizer.

+Two drops of Frankincense all over my face and especially on scars and wrinkles after I moisturize.

+Purification, Lemon or Jade lemon on blemishes.

+ART serum all over

+Wolfberry Eye Cream

+ART intensive Moisturizer

I also just started getting facials and she has put me on a vitamin c serum and a SPF.  I’m going to update yall soon on how it’s going.