My name is Kristen Critz and I'm the creator of The Modern Essential. I love fine art, a fluffy white bed, photography, peonies, white marble counter tops, rose gold, a short flat white, and of course essential oils.

I met my husband, Jordan Critz when I was 19 while he was on a shopping excursion searching for the perfect candle for his music studio. Turned out he had also been leading worship at the church I had attended for years and we had never met. (Probably a good thing since I would have been under age and all). We took a huge leap of faith back in 2015 when we left behind everything that was comfortable and safe in our home town of Fort Worth, Texas and bundled up our son, Hudson, and moved to the music city of Nashville, TN. Predictability is not something that is common in our household since he and I both are creatives. We moved there without a plan, no contract on a house or apartment and no steady paying job. Sound crazy, right?! We heard the Lord say, “go” so off we went!

I studied studio art at the University of North Texas and my first career was in photography. I shot weddings, portraits, and fashion and assisted on corporate shoots in Dallas. After I had my son in 2014, I quickly saw how the balancing act of scheduling photo shoots while being a work at home mama was going to be tough. I had been using essential oils for about a year when a light bulb turned on and I realize that I could help others learn how to use their oils and create a business with it.

Today (March 2017) just under three short years later we have over 14,000 friends and families who have joined the journey with essential oils. It's been a wild ride with countless testimonies of friends finding some amazing relief for their families.

Outside of my passion for health, I have also been extremely passionate about helping people become financially free. My parents founded a financial ministry and have helped people for years and years get out of debt and be free of those chains. That passion has been passed down to me and this business with essential oils has been a tangible way to help friends pursue that exact freedom.

Jordan, Hudson, and Ford (our newest Critz addition) are continuing our journey here in the hills of Tennessee, renovating our home on Granny White Pike (yep that’s a real street name), dreaming of monthly beach trips down 30A, and diffusing all the oils.

If I could, I would have you over for a cup of coffee here in the hills of Tennessee and hear about your life and your journey. I would also send you on your way with any and all oils you need. Since we are internet friends and I can’t transport you here, check out the blog section to take away some great DIYs and tips to start adding oils into your life!!



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